The Alex Sanders Lectures with Commentary by Maxine Sanders

Originally written by members of Alex and Maxine Sanders’ 40 Clanricarde Gardens, London Coven in the late 60s. At the time, the Sanders regularly received Royal Mail sacks full of letters, often from individuals requesting training or initiation. Maxine was responsible for responding to as many enquiries as possible but the task was daunting. Alex’s teaching method was one of working in the group or lecturing for hours from his armchair with attendees note-taking whilst strewn around the room and across the floor.

Thus emerged a forerunner of today’s correspondence courses.

In time, not only seekers but Wiccan high priesthood would also obtain copies for use in their own coven training. Hence, the reason current day versions of the Lectures are usually missing the final Part 13 (Forming a Coven) or finding it replaced.

The Lectures also made their way into the hands of Herman Slater of Magickal Childe publications who shamelessly chopped, changed, and infilled substantial portions of the text without the consent of Alex Sanders or any of the individual authors. Sadly, neither Alex nor any of the those authors ever saw a penny in royalties – something Alex lamented to his dying day.

In this edition, the original text is reproduced in its entirety and is accompanied by commentary from Maxine Sanders and exquisitely illustrated by Jason Atomic . . . .



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