Magic made Magical

~ books for the occult-minded ~

Rose Ankh Publishing

Rose Ankh Publishing is a book publisher of unique occult, historical, philosophical, and biographical works. Our publications range from contemporary authors discussing paranormal activities to rare finds that are often curious and unclassifiable.

As well as discovering books from the past through our passion for supernatural literature, many seem to find their way to us, wanting to tell their story, resurrecting their message.

We regard each discovery or find as a gift, and it is our aim to portray these collectible treasures authentically and with respect.

We offer deluxe limited editions in the finest materials as well as selected works in both hard and softcover standard editions.


Our Inspiration

Many of our volumes are considered ‘lost’ due to few surviving copies. Finding these rare works inspires us to have them rendered into English and made available to the public, like never before.

Our Philosophy

At Rose Ankh Publishing our aim is to offer insight into the world of the supernatural, occult, mysteries, and magic. We believe that truth often lies beyond the realm of the corporeal.

We hold that an open mind can be the starting point for opening doors to other realms.

Hence, readers of our publications may discover keys to unlock and broaden their perceptions and understanding of their reality.