Magic made Magical

~ books for the occult-minded ~

Rose Ankh Publishing

Rose Ankh Publishing is an independent publisher of occult books. These include historical, philosophical, and biographical works by contemporary authors, as well as others of historical interest, many of them rare and all but forgotten..
In addition to high quality hard- and softcover editions, we pride ourselves in offering deluxe versions of some titles, expertly crafted and fashioned from the finest materials available.

Our Aspiration

Simply put, our aim is to offer the discriminating reader, novice and expert alike, books that are worth – well worth – reading. These cover a variety of esoteric topics and include volumes of historical or practical importance. Of interest to us also are books hitherto thought lost or difficult to find, some of them now rendered into English for the first time.

Our Philosophy

We believe that curiosity and an open mind are key to a suprasensible realm beyond everyday experience. At Rose Ankh our ambition is to equip everyone to discover, even explore, this subtle reality, making the adventure both enjoyable and personally enriching. The Mystery remains intact – it is for each of us to solve it – but, such is our hope, the books we offer will at least render it accessible.