The Degrees Of Our Craft


Workshop Event for Alexandrian & Gardnerian Initiates
27th January 2024 (11:00am-5:30pm)

The degrees of our craft are more than just an achievement, they are stepping stones on the journey. Each grade has its challenges and opportunities. Opportunities and challenges to be met with and taken on in order to be of genuine service. it is an initiatory journey that does not cease, no matter how able a practitioner may become. The degrees will be explored in the workshop so that all can avoid stagnation and evolve on their journey.

All degree levels welcome

Len is one of the several remaining ‘first generation’ witches who trained directly with Alex and Maxine at a time some would say was the pinnacle of Alex’s teaching in the late 60s and early 70s.

It is Len’s experience that Alex’s original teachings were not about witchcraft; rather, they were about magic, and it is in this vein he will impart knowledge that he gained and evolved through his own practice and experience.

Crucially, he seeks neither to define ‘Alexandrian witchcraft’ itself nor compare the Alexandrian tradition to any other.

For over half a century Len has remained in the shadows, shunning any form of public dialogue and only with the encouragement of his Guides did he publish the booklet A Spark in the Void in 2008 under the pen name Apawaae.