Publications By Sanders, Maxine

Maxine Sanders born 30 December 1946, is a highly respected Priestess of the Sacred Mysteries. She has encouraged, enabled, and inspired students of the Priesthood to take on the conscious mantle of their spiritual potential. She believes the catalyst for that inspiration comes from the Cauldron of the Goddess in all its guises.

At age 15, Maxine was the youngest Westerner to be Opened in Subud, a spiritual movement that had its origins in Indonesia in the 1920s and spread to the west in 1957. She was a student of John G. Bennett in Coombe Springs, Kingston, where she experienced the teachings and practices of Gurdjieff, which in turn, set her on a spiritual path that led her into the mysteries of a magical lodge that performed in rituals near Alderley Edge in Cheshire, England.

It could be said that the occult world holds Maxine in connection with her late, former husband Alex Sanders, with whom she co-founded the Alexandrian Tradition of Witchcraft. Constructive comment cannot do justice to her supporting contribution as she was as much a part of the teaching when she was with Alex as when she continued on her own path with her own students whilst simultaneously dealing with the legacy of Alex; a legacy that became more and more complex (even notorious to some) as the years passed.

And still it continues.