Publications By Day, Sharon

American by birth and British by marriage, Sharon’s academic career began with one year in Japan as an exchange student in 1980. She would return to that country after graduating from law school in New York City in 1992 when her British husband, himself a lawyer, took up a post in Tokyo years later.
After returning to London in 1997, Sharon felt drawn to esotericism, finally discovering in Alexandrian witchcraft what she felt was her true vocation. Her subsequent quest for suitable training, as well as practical experience, took her from London to Australia and the United States, then finally back to London, where she became the personal student of Maxine Sanders, co-founder of the Alexandrian Tradition.

Today, she leads the Coven of the Stag King in London

Sharon is the founder of Rose Ankh Publishing Ltd, its aim to offer an eclectic range of historical, philosophical, and biographical works, among them titles hitherto difficult to obtain or even believed lost.

In addition, Sharon has created an online historical archive dedicated to the Alexandrian witchcraft tradition: