Len Roberts’

Workshop Event for Alexandrian & Gardnerian Initiates

29th June 2024

The Atlantis Bookshop
49A Museum St, London WC1A 1LY


£35 Entry


Workshop Event for Alexandrian & Gardnerian Initiates (11:00am-5:30pm)

The temple of the witch is a “Meeting place between the world of men and the realms of the Mighty Ones.” Therefore, to be true, it must be constructed with care and in the right way. Not just words and arm waving. Each stage of the temple building process will be explored to the advantage of all who practice the way of the witch.

All degree levels welcome

Len is one of the several remaining ‘first generation’ witches who trained directly with Alex and Maxine at a time some would say was the pinnacle of Alex’s teaching in the late 60s and early 70s.

It is Len’s experience that Alex’s original teachings were not about witchcraft; rather, they were about magic, and it is in this vein he will impart knowledge that he gained and evolved through his own practice and experience.

Crucially, he seeks neither to define ‘Alexandrian witchcraft’ itself nor compare the Alexandrian tradition to any other.

For over half a century Len has remained in the shadows, shunning any form of public dialogue and only with the encouragement of his Guides did he publish the booklet A Spark in the Void in 2008 under the pen name Apawaae.

To give an idea of Len’s teaching:
Some words of wisdom for those new to the path . . .
By Len Roberts
If your witchcraft is about community, ignore these words.
If your witchcraft is about striving to gain ability using the inner way of magic, then these few words may give a little help. Help passed on by one who has been practising the art magical in the way of the craft for over half a century. No one is being asked to accept the wisdom of what is written here unquestioningly. That is purely a decision for the reader. But these words may help people avoid some of the obvious (and sometimes devious) traps that exist.
First steps – So few seekers are able to find their teacher which means books and social media become their only resort. It is a way filled with deception and illusion. Be fully aware of this from the outset.
To thine own self be true – These words were instilled into this student from the very beginning of his training. But it is guidance so difficult to follow when genuinely confronted with its challenge. Self-deception is so easy. Work on this challenge constantly. It will never go away no matter how good and able you think you have become. The greater the ability, the greater will be the opposition that comes your way.
Do not avoid the difficult – A genuine guide will encourage strengths, but not at the expense of avoiding weaknesses. If you can, make a point of recognising those places in your studies that you have sidestepped. They will be many. Then, in the right contemplation, (not a woolly meditation) find those that matter most and apply yourself to addressing them. Know that the books, etc., that we like are by no means necessarily the ones that we need. Especially given the amount of nonsense called witchcraft that turns up online and in popular published books.
Avoid mass gatherings – Our way is for the few, not the many. Gatherings for the many are usually built around egos, commerce, and fun. Little or nothing of value can be found in these places of semi-hysteria and illusion.
Avoid teachers of, often, expensive online courses – Their claims may be impressive, but how can the seeker possibly be able to tell if there is any substance behind their impressive agendas. Know that magic cannot be taught remotely. Question and answer is possible, but even this should be approached critically. Which brings us onto the next point, discrimination.
Discrimination – Work on this constantly. It will not be easy. But if a reasonable level of discrimination can be achieved, it will help remove some of the illusion that is constantly put before us.
Use all of your senses – Don’t just read silently or read passively. Write down what is said. Read out loud to yourself. Burn appropriate incense when studying and meditating. Light a symbolic candle. All of these things will help. Especially if you are able to do these things in an isolated and quiet place.
We learn in order to serve – Whatever you achieve, remember this phrase, “We learn in order to serve”. Know that the benefits to Self come through service. We can only receive if we are able to give. It is a golden rule in magic, but one that so few understand.
Do not confuse communities and friendly get-togethers with magical groups – Harsh though this may sound, the way of the wise is a lonely path. The coming together to learn and use ability is focused. All else is put to one side. Covens are not social groups. Once they become social, their purpose is automatically compromised.
When the pupil is ready, the teacher will come – If you have taken seriously some of the things mentioned above, you may just find a path opening up before you that comes your way unexpectedly. If it does, remember to use discrimination. If it is right (to thine own self be true), then you will have taken another step in the way of the wise.
* * *


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