Little did Rose Ankh Publishing’s founder, Sharon Day, realise nearly a decade prior to her purchase of the 1846 edition of The Amber Witch she made from John Belongie, an occult rare book dealer and founder of Transmutation Publishing, would lead to their forming a friendship-in-arms that would lead to their assembling a collection of books which would become an occult library of note.

It is from this library that many of the forthcoming titles are drawn. It is John who is the finder of gems [tk background] enables him to notice the subtlties  perhaps noticed by few and overlooked by many. For example, [tk Lincoln stuff] . All of which benefit the particular occult genre. 

Liam Vicary and Ryan Lavender came aboard whilst working on another of Sharon’s brainchild – an online historical archive of Alexandrian Witchcraft history. Both are multi-talented, musical, and creative


Our Team

Sharon Day

Sharon Day is the founder of Rose Ankh Publishing, Ltd. She is an active historian, occultist and Alexandrian priestess. 

John Belongié

John Belongié is a publisher, rare book dealer, broker, and private librarian specializing in esoteric literature. 

Liam Vicary

Liam Vicary is a content creator, administrator and researcher working with the occult.

Ryan Lavender

Ryan Lavender is a web creator, videographer and project manager specialising in spiritualist and paganistic endeavours.